Our goal is to make new discoveries about the relationship between various diseases and lipids and give back to society. Lipids are an essential nutrient for the body and are involved in all biological processes, and it is known that maintaining the quality of lipids in the body is important for our health, as too much lipid can cause metabolic syndrome and a lack of lipid intake can lead to various diseases such as psychiatric and allergic disorders. 


Our particular focus is on the function of molecules involved in lipid intracellular transport and structural changes. Using genetically modified animal models and human disease samples, we aim to elucidate the unknown functions of lipids on brain and immune function. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms of lipid-dependent brain functions such as memory and emotional activity and immune system maintenance, and would like to use my research results to elucidate the pathology of neuropsychiatric and inflammatory diseases and to establish new methods of testing, prevention, and treatment.


We look forward to welcoming many students with different background to join our activities.

Yuji Owada